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We provide business and technical solutions that integrate technology, processes and enablers to accelerate business results.


People perform at levels beyond what you can possibly imagine when they discover their strengths, purpose in life, and their passion.


Recognized PMO Leader and Industry Expert, AMA Handbook of Project Management and motivational speaker worldwide. International Professor for Business Executive Master Programs.


Accelerating Business Results

Strategy Execution Solutions provides consulting services to organizations looking to improve their execution lanes and accelerate business results.

PMO leaders need to bring to the table extensive knowledge and experience transforming their functions and aligning with the business during this critical time.

      • Qualified Resources
      • Comitted Team
      • Effective Collaboration
      • Fact Based Information
      • Timely Information
      • Objective Decisions
      • Mindset
      • Metrics Management
      • Realize Benefits
      • Discover Business Need
      • Assess the Strategy Execution Performance
      • Optimize the Strategy Execution Delivery System
      • Manage Performance
      • Establish Sense of Urgency to Change
      • Define goals and objectives to drive Strategy Execution Alignment to Project Portfolio Management and Path to Improvement with all stakeholders
      • Involve all stakeholders to implement improvements and drive expected results
      • Decision Board
      • Portfolio Definition
      • Portfolio Authorization & Oversight
      • Portfolio Performance
      • Integrate Benefits Realization Framework into PPM
      • Establish Programmatic Structure in alignment with specific objectives
      • A discipline approach to execute your strategy: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor, Control and Close
      • Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Risks, Procurement, Human Resources, Communication, Stakeholders
    • Deliver a great customer experience
    • Focus outward to our customers; take action on their feedback
    • Integrate VOC discipline into the project portfolio life cycle
    • Evaluate customer satisfaction post-launch

Are you ready to become a high performance organization and WIN in the market place?

We can guide you to establish the strategic agile project portfolio management solutions (Processes, Capabilities, Governance, Culture, and Tools) to enable business units, to accelerate business results, and to drive excellent execution of projects. Starting with a complete Organizational Project Maturity Assessment across business units to identify project performance, existing capability, and roadblocks to success compared with industry performance and PPM challenges.

Our Clients
A Profound Belief in Giving Back
Our mission is to provide dreamers with limited resources in Colombia or United States, with coaching, mentoring and initial investment to become leaders and entrepreneurs, hence creating job opportunities to eliminate poverty.
Click Logo and Dream with us to Succeed.

Click Logo and Dream with us to Succeed.

Thank you for being part of this effort, 10% – 20% of our Income will be donated to Dream to Succeed Foundation.


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