Leaders in Project Portfolio Management

Reduce product development cycle time by 50% in 18 months at Verizon. Recipient of PMO of the Year Award, Verizon Corporation; PPM Deployment Excellence Award, Intel VP Performance Plus Award, AT&T Wireless Services.

Recognition as EPMO Leader and Industry Expert, AMA Handbook of Project Management. Agile and multicultural, with expertise across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, technology, wealth management, and education.

A Passion for Life-Long Learning

People are the essential ingredient for the recipe to accelerate business results. In a project portfolio management environment all the roles have to demonstrate and shape their skills. No matter where a person is in their development goal setting and goal achieving may be the most important factors in a person living their full potential.



A Sought-After Speaker and Thought Leader

Sara is a National Speaker Professional and her mission is to share knowledge with her peers in multiple industries and generate new knowledge by transforming the PPM disciplines as business are challenged to do things different and accelerate their business results. She is also a motivational speaker focusing on talent and leadership skills.

A Profound Belief in Giving Back

Our mission is to provide dreamers with limited resources in Colombia or United States, with coaching, mentoring and initial investment to become leaders and entrepreneurs, hence creating job opportunities to eliminate poverty.

Thank you for being part of this effort, 10% – 20% of our Income will be donated to Dream to Succeed Foundation.